About Imitatio

Imitatio was conceived as a force to press forward the consequences of René Girard’s remarkable insights into human behavior and culture.



  • Pursue research and application of Mimetic Theory across the social sciences and critical areas of human behavior
  • Support the education and development of the next generation of scholars leveraging Mimetic Theory
  • Further the dissemination, translation and publication of key works incorporating Mimetic Theory

The outcome of conversations between Peter Thiel, Robert Hamerton-Kelly and René Girard, Imitatio hopes to provide a connecting point and virtual homebase for those across the globe interested in Mimetic Theory.  Imitatio is supported by an active Advisory Board and three volunteer committees who help guide our work in Research, Education and Publications. 

Imitatio hopes to use our resources, both funding and people, to extend great work already in progress and launch projects in critical areas of focus. We strive for a wider hearing for Mimetic Theory, greater application of its insights, and the transformation that comes from viewing the world in a new light.