Imitatio Mimetic Theory Online Library

The online library is a new research tool offering searchable editions of key works in mimetic theory.

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The library includes the full texts of these books:

  • Battling to the End
  • Evolution and Conversion
  • For René Girard
  • The Genesis of Desire
  • I See Satan Fall Like Lightning
  • Job: The Victim of his People
  • Oedipus Unbound
  • Politics and Apocalypse
  • Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World
  • Violent Origins

The library includes key selections from these books:

  • Deceit, Desire, and the Novel
  • To Double Business Bound
  • The Scapegoat
  • Violence and the Sacred

Available elsewhere on the web:

The University of Innsbruck hosts the full German text of Raymund Schwager's Brauchen wir einen Sündenbock?