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Girard Featured at Cambridge Festival of Ideas

“Things Hidden since the Foundation of the World"

Presentation and discussion of two new books exploring the interface of nature and culture – and of science and religion -- through the far-reaching ideas of French-American culture theorist and fundamental anthropologist René Girard. St. John’s College, Cambridge, 5-7 pm Old Music Room, St. John’s Street, CB2, 1TP.

Why is human violence the much-neglected key to understanding human emergence and development? How does it differ from animal violence? How was it controlled by the victimary or scapegoat mechanism? How does this stabilise human communities and lead to the creation of natural or archaic religion (‘the sacred’); and then to the development of our culture as a whole? 

What does this understanding of 'how we became human' contribute to our grasp of violent sacralities now? And what are our chances of ‘surviving our origins’? 

With Dr Rowan Williams (Master, Magdalen College), Dr Pierpaolo Antonello (Cambridge, St Johns College), Prof. Paul Gifford (University of St Andrews) and a distinguished panel of respondents in science and religion.