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Association Recherches Mimétiques holds conference on Girard and Michel Henry

Saturday 7 November 2015, 10h00 – 17h00, Site François Mitterand, Salle 70

From the organizers:

This international conference will continue the dialogue between René Girard and his French contemporaries, whom he never or infrequently met, and who nonetheless benefit from a confrontation with Girard’s mimetic analysis of desire and with his wider anthropological theories. The encounter with the thought of phenomenologist Michel Henry is a natural one in that Henry also presented an extremely innovative reading of the Gospels. With Benoît Chantre, Jean-Philippe Milet, Thierry Berlanda, Grégori Jean, Adrian Navigante, Jérôme Thélot, and François Sebbah. Organized by the Association Recherches Mimétiques.